Virtual work is exciting. Interesting and challenging. I am at your side.

Working with you, your team or your organisation.

Introduction to Human Virtuality Coaching

virtuality […] something which is unrealized; a potentiality, a possibility

Oxford English Dictionary

How can I help?

International Projects: Stefan Lasser sits and talks with you while pointing at a world map on a tablet computer

International Projects

How do I lead my project partners?
What is my role in the project?
Which strenghts can I use?
What do I learn from projects?

Virtual Work: Stefan Lasser waves at his client on the screen.

New work

How do I lead my team through change?
Which picture do I have of me and my team?
Which role does technology play?
What are the needs of my team?


Leader or expert. Whatever your role: you are welcome as a human being. And I invite you to reflection, change of perspective and further tailored coaching methods. Accomplish your development goals.


Collectives strive for goals. Articulated or not. I support reaching clarity. Particularly in changing times. Whether you are responsible for staff, leader, or part of a team. Let’s develop suitable measures.


You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar