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Human Virtuality Coach | Stefan Lasser

As digital native I am excited to use virtual tools. At the same time I value personal contact. In our coaching sessions that means we establish rapport in digital space. We develop your solution and reflect on your needs regarding digital communication. Simultaneously we extend our digital competence and perspective on technology.

Connect borders

I love diversity of the world and people. Lived in Northern America and Europe. Am active in international projects. In Management Boards und project leader. Borders are fluid. Collaboration connects. I understand where you are coming from.

Apply innovation

As science and technology researcher I know different perspectives on innovation, technology, and society. On large and small scales. As project manager I support human needs regarding technology. My role in teams: Digital Innovation Coach. We will work scientifically sound and practically proven.

Collaborate effectively

As consultant I live professional collaboration with teams and management. As trainer I build on great communication and creative methods. As coach I experience the effectiveness of reflection and changing perspectives. To achieve more depth for you.


Your free initial consultation

30 minutes via Zoom


  • Coaching Diploma | Onlinecoaching
  • Project Management and Information Technology | geographically distributed projects
  • Science, Technology, Society | virtual participation

My interests support my focus areas in Human Virtuality Coaching.


40 years human experience


Game evenings are my thing. They convey lightness, joy and playfulness. Courage to try new things. And watching what happens then. Tuning in with other players. Developing strategies based on own resources and joy of checking out new things are part of my coaching style. What does your hobby teach you?


Beavers inspire me. Flexible in water and on land. Swimming against the current. Mastering great challenging with perseverance. Shaping the flow. Securing a protective environment. During our coaching session we apply creative methods to gain new perspectives. And we talk freely in a protected space. Which picture inspires you?


Subjective reality develops in our mind. Development starts there. Understanding ourselves better. And others. Particularly in digital spaces. Together we clarify your Virtual.Me and Virtual.Us. How do you think about virtual work?