Impactful coaching in the park

Coaching works.

For Individuals and Society. Organisations and Teams.

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Impact for organizations

Digital Innovation Coach, New Work Facilitator, IT Coach. Working with groups, teams, projects and organisations.

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Personal Impact

“Through the work with Stefan I became really aware of my goals. Together we worked out strategies on how I can achieve them in a good and thoughtful way.”

Christoph Z.

“Yesterday I had dinner with acquaintances. When asked ‘What are you doing right now?’, I was able to answer in a few sentences. The response: ‘Good pitch!’

The coaching, questions and methods have given me clarity to make my multi-layered activities more tangible for others.”

Beatrice S.

“At the top of my to-do list: get trained as coach so that I can also give such valuable heart-warming feedback.”

Iris M.

I experienced Stefan in coaching context as a very calm and even person. With this approach he manages to cool down all situations and feelings of his coachees after giving enough space for experiencing them but not to get stuck in them.
As sparring partner mostly in topics regaring virtual collaboration I always got valuable insights and also the needed constructive feedback. He is always able to offer another perspective and see things from a different angle than me. This made me develop my own ideas in a more complex view and achieve success.
All in all I find Stefan a very enthusiastic and inspiring person with extensive and unique expertise in (virtual) collaboration paired with excellent and clear communication style.

Kata T.

“Stefan manages to create a park bench atmosphere also online. The exchange and especially coaching sessions with him are always accompanied by a great deal of lightness, humor and sincere joy in the further development of people. Stefan carries the sun in his heart and fresh wind in his spirit. This helped me personally to see my situation much more clearly, but above all to take the pressure off the whole thing and even to have fun working on optimizing various things for myself. In addition, I am fascinated by his drive to want to make a difference not only for the individual, but for the big picture. While the coaching sessions were very challenging to my mind, this additionally touches my heart immensely. THANK YOU and I am happy to come back!☀️”

Tina K.

With Stefan’s professional support, through his open and trusting manner, I found it quite easy to open up and structure my thoughts to get closer to solving my problem.

Tina H.

Stefan creates an appreciative environment and refreshes with his creative ideas.

Victoria S.

Stefan takes time to listen precicely.

Diana M.

“I have found Stefan to be a coach with a unique curiosity and interest in his counterpart. This enables him to get to the real cause of the concern and to ask the right questions, so that as a coachee you can make rapid progress in each coaching session.

Especially the combination of Stefan’s analytical and structured way of thinking and his empathy make the coaching session an experience.

Maria S. 

“It was so good to laugh again, laugh a lot. And to feel harmony with other people. To feel: I can contribute; what I tell is also welcome to be heard.”

Moderated Community Event Feedback

“Stefan’s calm and pleasant voice and pace of speech makes it easy to follow the online sessions. We explored new perspectives together and thus broadened my horizons. Stefan was very accomodating and left the pace to me.

My highlight was the concluding session where we worked creatively with pictures and in a structured way with a timeline. For me, development lies in the many small steps along the way.”

Franziska F.

Coaching as a solution for my professional problem? For a long time I did not see coaching as a tool to solve my problems and dissatisfaction with my professional present and future. I was too afraid of singing bowls, throwing balls of wool and semi-professionally trained people. However, after a spontaneous park bench conversation with Stefan, I gave the whole thing a chance. I have not regretted this chance until today. The conversations with an outsider, the mirroring of my challenges and the joint development of tools/methods has helped me a lot to see things from other perspectives and not only to give space to the negative.

Roland S.

Creating impact by donating time

Founding Member Parkbankcoaching “free coaching for everyone”, IT Coaching in the area of development cooperation and for visually impaired people.

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Creating impact by donating money

Donation of selected coaching rates directly to

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